CBS 11 Dallas:

It all started last week when pop star, Justin Bieber, tweeted “call me right now at” and then added a phone number with the Dallas area code, “214.”

The problem is, Bieber typed a question mark in place of the last digit. And it turns out that number was pretty darn close to Fleming’s home number.

Another message was left by a hopeless romantic. “Justin, I know you’re there and I love you so much. I’m sorry I called you so late, I just got your number. I love you, I love, I love you so much. Please call me back,” begged another girl.

There were more than just messages on Fleming’s machine. The 81-year-old answered many of the calls herself. “I told one young lady, ‘Do you know where you’re calling?’ She said, ‘Yes, I’m calling Justin,’” explained Fleming. “I said this is a Texas extension,” she told the young caller.