From Fox 31 Denver:

“It’s Republicans who, through their own choice, have brought up these very divisive social issues,” said Rick Palacio, the chairman of the Colorado Democratic Party. “They’re creating their own mess for themselves. And if they continue this divisive argument over women and women’s issues, I think it’s going to put us over the edge again.”

At the campaign’s Denver headquarters on Wednesday, Barb Wahl, a nurse from Aurora, took part in a conference call to make the campaign’s case to reporters.

A few hours later at a campaign office in Lakewood, a small group of women volunteers made phone calls, talking to other women about the differences between the President and some Republicans on women’s issues.

“Health care for women is very important,” said Lorena Houchen of Lakewood in between calls. “Trying to make it a religious issue is ridiculous. Most of the women in the country want to have health care. They want to have the option of being able to control their own lives and their own body.”

And that’s why the First Amendment doesn’t matter.