From AP News via CBS:

KABUL, Afghanistan – An Afghan official says that he [has] seen surveillance video of the U.S. soldier who allegedly shot 16 Afghan villagers surrendering.

He said late Tuesday that the U.S. military showed the footage to Afghan authorities as proof that there was only one perpetrator of Sunday’s shootings. The official spoke anonymously to discuss a private briefing.

The video reportedly was shot from a blimp and shows the soldier walking up to his base covered in a traditional Afghan shawl. The soldier removes the shawl and lays his weapon on the ground, then raises his arms in surrender.

Also from Afghanisan:!/AlArabiya_Eng/status/179849353014411264!/cnni/status/179844205487730689!/MEMRIReports/status/179850037457715200

More details from CBS (video).