From Army Times:

[A] petition to have conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh pulled from the Armed Forces Network has achieved the 25,000 online signatures required to get a formal response from the White House. However, it remains unclear when a reply might be forthcoming and whether there is any chance of his three-hour show actually being pulled from the military’s overseas radio network.

More than 25,000 signatures were collected in 10 days for a petition filed at the White House’s We The People website that calls on Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to pull Limbaugh from AFN. The petition was in response to the “abusive, divisive and insulting language” Limbaugh used to describe a Georgetown University Law School student who supported birth control being provided as an insured health care benefit.

Every person who signed the anti-Limbaugh petition will receive an email response from the White House and the answer will be posted on the We The People website, under White House procedures spelled out on the website.!/underdoglib/status/178266400228507648