From Big Government:

Ironically, Condos would have made it far easier to commit the very fraud that O’Keefe’s investigation has suggested may be possible at the polls.

Condos is threatening O’Keefe for doing his job. “My next phone call is to [Attorney General] Bill Sorrell’s office,” Condos told the Burlington Free Press after learning about O’Keefe’s video.

Still, in the event that O’Keefe were to be arrested, prosecuted, and jailed in Vermont, he need not worry about casting a ballot to replace Condos. In Vermont and Maine, you can even vote from a jail cell.!/vote4tomjackson/status/179808842949996544

Expanded James Condos quote from the Burlington Free Press:

“My next phone call is to Bill Sorrell’s office,” Condos said, referring to the state’s top prosecutor. The crime of voter fraud is punishable in Vermont by a fine of up to $100 and/or up to one year in jail.

Condos said Vermont and federal law do not require people to produce identification when they show up to vote, and efforts to mandate such identification recently have been rejected or struck down in several states.

“I denounce any type of voter fraud or any assault on the integrity of the voting system,” Condos said. “Voting is a constitutional right and the basis of our democracy. Real voter fraud is preventing people eligible to vote from being able to vote.”

Sorrell said later Tuesday he had not seen the video. When told what it contained, Sorrell said he would look into the matter and questioned O’Keefe’s motives for producing it.

“It’s unfortunate that outside entities don’t have better things to do than try to make fun of the trusting nature of Vermonters and voting on Town Meeting Day,” Sorrell said.

Scratch a Progressive and find a fascist. It’s pretty clear what Vermonters have been too trusting of, and it’s not strangers.

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