From Abc6 News in Minnesota:

Some politicians in the legislature are pushing an irresponsible right to work law,” says part of the ad that’s hitting the web and local TV stations throughout Minnesota.

“We want to make sure people understand what right to work really is,” says AFL-CIO president, Shar Knutson. AFL-CIO is one of Minnesota’s largest unions and is behind the new ad. Knutson says the bill’s main purpose is to weaken the union’s collective bargaining.

“We feel it’s a power grab. We feel it really takes away – it’s really trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist,” says Knutson. The bill would allow workers to avoid paying dues if they decide not to join their union.

Chants such as, “The people united will never be defeated,” and, “No, no, no,” or “Just vote no,” rang through the lower halls of the Capital building. After hearing all the opposition to the bill, Senate Majority Leader David Senjem, who runs the rules committee that will now look at the bill, says he’s undecided if he’ll support it.