The Seattle Times interviewed some soldiers at the base here.

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About 40 protesters disrupted the Obama campaign office in Oakland, including several members of Iraq War Vets Against the War. Hinde said he was with the 101st Airborne and he understands how a U.S. soldier could kill 16 Afghan civilians.

“They’re subjected to indoctrination and learn to dehumanize people. I remember, I was in the military actually when 9/11 happened and I remember when the words ‘Haji’ and ‘towel head’ started being introduced into our lexicon,” said Hinde. “I think that the effects of these wars on the soldiers show you that they’re wrong, that they’re suffering and that they become inhuman themselves and commit these inhuman acts.”

In related news:

Militants have attacked an Afghan government delegation visiting the site in one of the two villages in southern Afghanistan where a U.S. soldier is suspected of killing 16 civilians.

The attackers opened fire at the delegation from several sides on Tuesday.

An Associated Press reported witnessed the attack, which is still under way. It’s unclear if anyone has been wounded or killed.

The delegation includes two of Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s brothers and senior security officials.

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