From NBC in Los Angeles:

Foster described it as a fatal game of cat and mouse.

“If they go inside of a building, you’re not allowed to go inside the building,” Foster said. “If it’s nighttime, you’re not allowed to go out at nighttime. You get your hands tied behind your back.”

NBC 4 talked to Foster in the wake of an attack by a U.S. soldier that left 16 civilians dead. He suspects there is more to the recent rampage in Afghanistan.

Some tweets about our troops:!/mcuban/status/179291887801335809!/weaselzippers/status/179382094563258368!/MMFlint/status/179021354706804736

Head injury?

A U.S. official said that during a recent tour of duty in Iraq, the suspect was involved in a vehicle accident and suffered a head injury. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the matter is under investigation.