This story was passed on to me via facebook.

The original Story appeared on KENS5 in San Antonio:

The Alamo Heights students chanted “USA, USA, USA” after the Mules were presented the championship trophy at Littleton Gym.

Edison and SAISD officials said they took the chant as ethnic taunting, given that Edison is a minority team and Alamo Heights’ squad is predominantly Anglo.

A follow up appears now in WOIA radio in San Antonio

The Alamo Heights superintendent has apologized and has prevented several students who were involved in the chanting from attending this weekend’s state basketball tournament in Austin.

Edison officials say the ‘USA USA!’ chant was a way to insult the 96% Hispanic school’s ethnic makeup.

Another Alamo Heights student said Edison kids began the taunting first.

“They were chanting, ‘Alamo Whites!’ at us, so all this criticism is kind of one sided,” another male student said.