Yeah, one probably shouldn’t badger witnesses on Facebook. BBC:

The sister of a teenager on trial accused of murdering two British tourists in Florida has been charged with retaliating against a witness.

Samantha Huffman is believed to have been arrested over a comment she made on Facebook, directed at Nakeira Keno.

Ms Keno, 21, had given evidence in the trial of Shawn Tyson earlier this week.

Mr Tyson denies murdering James Cooper, 25, of Warwickshire and James Kouzaris, 24, from Northampton, who were shot dead in Sarasota, last April.

Ms Keno told the court on Thursday that she saw the men walking through the public housing complex, known as The Courts, just before the shootings.

That evening Ms Huffman wrote on her Facebook page: “Nakeira Keno…..i hope u got a check for takin the stand…”, as well as several insults directed as Ms Keno.

Race? Immaterial.