The Daily Mail Online, referring to an appearance on Fox and Friends this morning:

Zimmerman, a 28-year-old neighborhood watch volunteer, pursued and gunned down Martin* after claiming the teen looked ‘suspicious’ as he walked home in a gated community in Orlando last month.

‘I believe that George Zimmerman, the overzealous neighborhood watch captain, should be investigated to the fullest extent of the law and if he is criminally liable, he should be prosecuted,’ Rivera said.

‘But I am urging the parents of black and Latino youngsters particularly to not let their children go out wearing hoodies.’

The panel appeared to be nodding in agreement as Rivera launched into his long-winded speech about how wearing a hoodie can draw minority youngsters unwanted attention because of the negative stereotypes associated with people that dress to look ‘gangster’.

Rivera said he constantly yelled a at his ‘dark-skinned’ son Cruz for going out wearing a ‘damn hoodie or those pants around his ankles.’

However, the hoodie has become a symbol of protest in Trayvon’s death, which has sparked several rallies, including one in New York on Wednesday; the One Million Hoodie March.

*Many facts in the case are still disputed.!/notalemming/status/184280975004540928