Fox News 6 Milwaukee:

The calls kept going out from Rob Zerban’s volunteer office Friday. Zerban is challenging Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Janesville) for a seat in Congress. Both men feel strongly about the Affordable Care Act; Ryan wants to repeal it and Zerban wants to put it in the express lane.

“Well I think some of the provisions should’ve been enacted sooner instead of waiting until 2014 because a lot of these things are cost-saving measures that would help us correct the situation we’re faced with,” Zerban said.

But Ryan specifically targeted the legislation in the budget proposal he released this week. In a statement, he pointed out the cost of the bill.

“The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has said (the bill) will cost twice as much as originally estimated,” Ryan’s statement read.

Yesterday, we attended the AFP ‘Saving the American Dream’ conference in Milwaukee, where speaker after speaker characterized Wisconsin as ground zero in the battle for smaller, less intrusive government. Among the speakers were Senator Paul Ryan, Representative Ron Johnson, Rick Santorum, and a wide range of others on the front lines, including our own Michelle Malkin.

A desolate gaggle of perhaps twenty Occupy protesters tried without much success to rally the opposition to Wisconsin’s budget reforms in front of the conference hotel.