From the charity website:

This week Cyclone Irina has devastated the already struggling villages of Madagascar in the region of Ranomafana, an area consisting of over 100 villages in eastern Madagascar. In the daily newspaper and the national local radio there are reports of more than 54 people dying, many of them children who were swept away by rivers, as a result of major landslides. Approximately 75,000 villagers are homeless and 80% of the area and their agriculture were severely damaged.

Centre ValBio is the main NGO in this area; together we work with the Madagascar National Parks and the Mayor’s office to help in disasters. We are fortunate to have partnered with the Dumond Conservancy to get emergency relief funds to the Ranomafana Area. These funds will be used to help those in the Ranomafana that were affected by the cyclone.

Ms. Mayor’s website.