I’m sure you’ve wondered why that fat man is continually smiling. Researchers have found out, according to the Washington Post:

The hospital admissions sheet simply read: “Name: Buddha; DOB: 1662.”

The 350-year-old patient’s visit started with a routine x-ray in the summer of 2008. But doctors discovered there were signs of an unknown mass inside his head and yet another inside his stomach – objects that his new caretakers were intent on identifying and extracting if at all possible. The x-ray wasn’t detailed enough to make a proper diagnosis, so doctors at Shands at the University of Florida in Gainesville cleared the schedule and ordered a CAT scan.

After a trip through the scanner, receiving a radiation dose higher than any human could endure, doctors and “Buddha’s” caretakers were a step closer to identifying the mysterious masses.

But why stop there when they could get more detail?

An endoscopy was scheduled roughly two weeks later at North Florida Regional Medical Center in Gainesville. And, after three scans at two medical centers, doctors, with the help of “Buddha’s” caretakers, were able to identify the mysterious masses: rare religious texts.

Somewhat creepily, he continued smiling throughout the entire endoscopic procedure. Go over there to find out more about the religious texts and se the slide show.