The Jihadi suspected of shooting seven people  kidnapped a youngster at the council housing he occupied, walked around the grounds waving a sword and shouting, “Al Qaeda! Al Qaeda!” Other than that, he was inconspicuous.

The Daily Caller:

Suspected serial killer Mohammad Mera, who broke out of an Afghanistan jail in 2008 as part of a mass Taliban escape, once kidnapped another man, it has been reported.

A close family friend of the 24-year-old suspect told Le Parisien she knew him well while in the city’s Izards housing estate.

The woman, Laela, said: ‘He was well known to the police. Around two years ago he kidnapped a young person on the estate.

‘I remember that the mother of the boy in question was wandering around the estate trying to find him.

Earlier accounts have noted that he was watch-listed in a variety of ways, including on the US’s no-fly watch list.

French authorities could have prevented this slaughter, but . . . that might have offended sensibilities.