The strange booms from beneath the earth in Clintonville, Wis. have reached the pages of the New York Times:

The first tremors started around 9:30 p.m. Sunday. City officials, who now believe the incidents to be a geological anomaly, said they first got wind of the problem around four hours later, after a louder series of “events” woke at least 150 people in the early morning. “You got these big concussion booms like you’re in the middle of fireworks,” said Robert Ptacek, 49, who first thought the sound was someone trying to break into his house. “It was one time over there and the next time it was this way. It was coming from all over. Some of them more rapid, some of them five or six minutes apart, and then it would die.”

Verda Schultz, 47, thought someone was slamming car doors outside her house, but when she got up to yell at the person, she noticed that all the people in her neighborhood were already gathering on the street in their pajamas.

“There’s something radically wrong with this earth,” she said, noting that her horses and dog have been acting oddly for a few days.

Experts and local officials think they know what it is not.

Among things we think it is not: a Hodag.

Pictured: Hodag captured by Rhinelander, Wis. villagers in 1893

Rhinelander is nearly 100 miles from Clintonville, and in our estimation this is too great a distance for a Hodag to have covered without detection.

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