From Save Jersey:

After the sixth month anniversary of OWS, I have read in disgust your movement’s blog postings where you advocate violence against police officers.

Just yesterday, there was a Twitter posting instructing your members to take out a cop or two and I have see many comments after news articles that advocate violence. While I know that individual twitter users and commentators do not speak for the whole movement, just as I do not speak for all cops, the continuing call to violence is a black eye for the OWS movement.

What has gone on in the past in Oakland and Davis, CA and here in NYC is unacceptable and your leaders need to speak out against it….

Videos pop up daily calling cops “pigs” and selectively show edited clips of protestors being arrested – after they assault police officers. Protestors purposefully disobey, threaten, and attack police officers provoking them into physical confrontation for the purpose of getting it on video all the while chanting “the whole world watching”. Lt. John Pike of the UC Davis Police is one of the victims of your spectacles. In fact, I am sure very few of OWS protestors have actually seen the entire video from that day. Watch it on YouTube. It’s up there, except it doesn’t make for good ratings or PR.

Read, as we like to say, the whole thing.

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