As profiled yesterday on Twitchy in the twitch, “Santorum said what?” this was not his finest hour. Normally, we’d let it go at one post, but the fallout continues:

Over the next six weeks, even though it became clear that Mitt Romney would most probably garner the nomination, I still maintained that Santorum was the best in the GOP field. I no longer feel that way.

Yesterday, Rick Santorum showed himself too immature to be President of the United States.

That’s Jeff Dunetz, aka Yid with Lid at his site, withdrawing his support after Santorum’s comment that voters might as well re-elect Obama as elect Romney.

The irony is that a Romney adviser had just the previous day given Santorum a big opening, that some bloggers and tweeters were representing as possibly the ‘act of God’ that would make it possible for Santorum to win the nomination.

Some sources claim that Santorum is surging in Louisiana.!/prismsinc/status/182867792998051840

That well may be, but responding to a favorable gaffe with one of your own is no way to campaign.

More Twitter fallout:!/milesh_ct/status/183153743573958656!/edhunter54/status/183160444540825600!/bluestater/status/183159133309116416!/nicholsuprising/status/183158490892742657!/hughhewitt/status/183058091376521216

Whatever the consequences of these statements, one thing’s for sure. Etch A Sketch is enjoying it.!/washingtonpost/status/182963667543924736