The Telegraph:

The number of these schools is rising by about one every week as the effects of migration into the UK are showing in the nation’s classrooms.

Data now shows that close to one million pupils who attend schools in England do not have English as their first language at home.

There are 97 schools where children with English as their first language are in such a minority that they make up less than one in twenty pupils.

The statistics released by the Department of Education shows that in 1997, when Tony Blair first came to power, there were 866 schools in England where more than 50% of the pupils had English as a second language.

Last year that figure had ballooned to 1,638 schools, almost double the 1997 level.!/commonsense4now/status/182834961282383874!/alexajoyce/status/3283763886!/simonbriscoe/status/8967372299837440