I guess divorce wasn’t working out for her. At ABC (with autoplay video):

A woman in Port Orange, Fla., is out on bail after police said she confessed to trying to have her third husband killed for $25,000.

Despite the woman’s confession, police in Goffstown, N.H., said they had no plans to reopen the case of her second husband’s death in 2001, which was declared a suicide after he was found to have swallowed anti-freeze over an extended period of time.

Doreen Dufresne, 50, was charged on March 14 with solicitation to commit a murder after she allegedly offered a friend $25,000 to kill her third husband, police said.

Dufresne admitted to police she did want her third husband dead and said she regretted soliciting the hit.

Dufresne approached her friend Brandon Parrish on March 1 and told him she knew he had a criminal history and asked if he could “take care of” her third husband, Neil Suchy, 70. She told Parrish she would be willing to give him, or whoever carried out the hit, all of her husband’s $25,000 life insurance policy.

Parrish declined but told Dufresne he would help her find someone to carry out the murder, a tactic he told police he used to stall Dufresne from finding another hitman.

At some point, shouldn’t one get the feeling that they’re not cut out for matrimony? Just sayin’.