Excerpt from Treatise on the Defecation of the Zombies, So-Called at Grantland:

Late last night, in accordance with New Media for the Modern Showrunner Handbook guidelines, The Walking Dead executive producer Glen Mazzara took to Twitter to interact with fans of the series he inherited halfway through its tumultuous second season. While he did respond to queries — like, “Michonne is the most unrealistic character from the comics, why choose to bring her in?” and, “Which of the survivors from S2 would u want to party with?” (Answers: they have a good storyline for her; Maggie) — he notably dodged one inquisition, which, in fairness, perhaps could have been posed in a more clinical fashion to better communicate its unquestionable import: Do zombies poop?

Still, dodge he did. While it’s certainly possible he didn’t answer because the question has never come up for debate during lulls in marathon writers’ room sessions either devising new ways for Carl to be placed in mortal peril or considering more canonical debates over the function of the undead gastrointestinal system* (why not knock out both by having the kid stumble upon a zombie hiding in an outhouse?), it felt like maybe Mazzara was just avoiding opening that particular can of undigested worms.

This shocking image from last summer suggests the answer is yes, but it’s a little too grainy to be sure.

Twitter reax:

[Undead, please]

Graphic pooping, we’ve noticed, is seldom represented on television . . . at least on the channels we receive, though there could well be niche programming on Current TV for all we know.

At Twitchy, we’ve debated the issue a bit and don’t believe we’ll have a satisfactory answer till Frank J and Moe Lane weigh in. We will keep you updated.

If you have any expertise in this direction, please let us know.

Zombie poop image from DrawMeSomething.com