According to one pro-life advocate, that’s where things stand:

Mark Crutcher, founder and president of Life Dynamics, says there is no excuse for this project titled “Photoreceptor-associated gene expression in human fetal and embryonic chicken retina.”

Mark Crutcher”We justify all this on the concept that it might help society. It may help cure diseases. It may help do this wondrous thing and this other wondrous thing, but the fact is that we cannot profit from our own evil,” he contends. “We have no right to harvest the parts of these dead babies who we intentionally kill in order to make our lives better. There has to be a limit at what you’re willing to do.”

And he points out that it is against U.S. law.

“It is illegal, but these people have developed a loophole around it in that, for example, when they sell baby parts, they don’t sell you the part,” Crutcher details. “They say we will donate the part to you. Well, that makes it legal, but then, you have to pay us to harvest the part … to transport it … to gather it, and get it to you, and they can set the price on that.”

If this is true, why exactly is the Obama administration underwriting this organization to the tune of millions of dollars? They’ve been caught failing to live up to their obligation to report rapes of minor girls, statutory or otherwise, to view it just from the legal perspective. They’ve been accused of gouging and filing fraudulent claims. They have bullied a find-the-cure breast cancer charity into giving them money.

We hope this isn’t true, but we wouldn’t put anything past these abortion-mongering thugs.