Snowflake babies begin their journey to an adoptive family when the in-vitro fertilization process of another couple generates “leftover” embryos. When this occurs, the genetic parents of these embryos have the option to give them up for adoption rather than allow for them to be simply destroyed. As evidenced by Hannah (and many more after her), the result can be truly life-giving, and can help couples realize the desire of welcoming a child into their family.

In recent years, the federal government has been promoting this embryo adoption program by providing funding to increase awareness of its existence. Last fiscal year, $1.9 million was used for this purpose. However, President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2013 budget proposes an end to this funding.

There is no question that we face a spending crisis, and that it is long overdue for countless federal spending programs – including some good ones – to come to an end. However, a budget is a political document that communicates the policy priorities of an Administration, and this budget reveals extremely troubling priorities. If there is not room in the budget for $1.9 million that promotes the dream of having a family, then surely other “family planning” programs are receiving similar scrutiny, correct?

The answer is no. In fact, it only takes Planned Parenthood about 36 hours to take in $1.9 million from the federal government. This exorbitant level of funding at taxpayer expense continues throughout the year and amounts to approximately $487.4 million in annual funding.

Let’s keep adoption safe, legal and rare. After all, it takes a village. Go over there and read the rest.