From Lauper’s website:

Yesterday, I learned that my version of “True Colors” was used in a negative political ad focused on Mitt Romney without my knowledge and approval.

While I am in no way a fan of Mitt Romney, my music is meant to lift people up, especially “True Colors.” The song has been a tremendous source of healing and acceptance for so many people and for it to be used in such a negative way dishonors its history and intention.

I am a huge supporter of President Obama and his re-election, but I have let the responsible party know how disappointed I am the song was used and asked that it be removed from the ad.

I think her view makes sense, apart from the supporting Obama thing. Maybe . . . campaigns ought to ask permission before they shanghai (no offense meant) people’s music? Especially if they’re big supporters of RIAA overreach?

Pols just gotta shut up. The pols. They gotta shut up. The pols.