The HuffPo:

Among the thousands of people who signed petitions to trigger a recall election of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker are 29 judges from 16 counties in the state.

The total represents 12 percent of the state’s approximately 250 county-level judges, according to a Gannett Wisconsin Media analysis. None of the state’s 16 appeals court judges or seven Supreme Court justices signed the petitions.

Wisconsin’s Code of Judicial Conduct says that judges cannot participate in activities of a political party or candidate and should “avoid the appearance of impropriety.”

As Jim Alexander, executive director of the Wisconsin Judicial Commission, told the Associated Press, however, the code does not specifically address recall petitions.

A couple of days ago, Twitchy considered the ethics charge hung on Judge David Prosser. Then there was the flap about Dane County Circuit Judge David Flanagan’s having signed the petition to recall before issuing an injunction against the state’s Voter ID law. Whether the Democrats’ attempt to recall Governor Walker will turn out to be a mistake, we will learn in late April or early May.

The continuous calling of the game for the unions and the Walker recallers on the part of the “Government Accountability Board” and the (mostly) Dane County courts reveals how little respect these people have for the will of the people as expressed in elections, and how important it is not to let such institutions be crammed full of progressives.