Commentary via Yahoo:

After noting how the Obama campaign used her in an ad as if she were a political candidate, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin challenged the president to a debate, “anywhere, anytime” according to The Hill.

Human Events thinks that the idea of an Obama/Palin debate is excellent. The theory is that if Obama is going to treat Palin as if she were his political rival in an attack ad, he might as well go all the way and meet her one on one to discuss the issues of the day.

Of course Obama will no more debate Palin than he would play a one on one basketball game with her. She would beat him in both contests.

The Palin haters, whose sole knowledge of what she is like comes from Julianne Moore’s caricature of her in the HBO movie “Game Change,” will no doubt guffaw at the idea of the person whom they consider a ditz going up against President Spock. The president’s campaign advisers are not among the people who think this, if they are worth their salaries. All anyone has to do is to remember how she took apart Joe Biden in the 2008 debate as a grizzly bear takes apart its prey to recognize the danger Obama would face getting into any arena with her.

One of the sorrows of Palin not getting into the race is that the American people will be denied the spectacle of our president being humiliated at the hands of a Wasilla hockey mom. Such an event would be far beyond their capacity to understand. For them it would be as if Sheldon Cooper met Penny from across the hall in a Physics Ball competition and gotten beat.

Of course, if the president or any of his supporters think this writer is wide of the mark, then let the debate happen. The most powerful male politician in the world against the most powerful female politician in the world with, while not the presidency, at least bragging rights as the prize.

We see a big pay-per-view opportunity here.

Then, they can race a marathon.

The concept would be a bit ridiculous were it not that Obama is running against Palin again this year. Or, at least that’s what his campaign ads suggest.!/pres_bartlet/status/179965161766002688!/rollingingraves/status/179700559333433344!/sissywillis/status/181460569189130240!/c4palin/status/180104124317188097!/utbrp/status/181043437238353921!/georgiao4p/status/179665173638938624!/ladyche3/status/180190674749095936!/hardline_stance/status/179768692731678720!/mediaite/status/179614881341898752