For firing Rosie O’Donnell? No? The Examiner:

“(V)ery early on, when I was still running, (she) just decided that she would support this guy with a name that nobody could pronounce. And just like books and skin cream when Oprah decides she likes you, then other people like you, too,” Obama said. “And she has continued to be just — not just a friend, but somebody who Michelle and I seek out in thinking about not just the day to day issues of the day but trying to keep our focus on the big picture. And what she’s done for so many people, not just in America but around the world, is extraordinary.”

Guessed wrong. But considering the role she played in boosting the career of Sonoma Sweat Lodge Killer James Arthur Ray, we’re not impressed.

She’s still pushing the new-age hooey at OWN.!/dontapologzfrme/status/181025981513998336!/cbsnews/status/161179416905531392!/devindwyer/status/181025815499247616!/prolifepolitics/status/181022047814688768!/politico/status/180858595309649921