WTHI TV Terre Haute:

Right to work is no longer legislation in Indiana it’s now law. Starting this week the controversial legislation officially goes into effect.

We spoke with the head of the IBEW 725 electric workers union, Todd Thacker, to find out what this means for them.

The IBEW says their contract with their workers runs through November 2013; so they won’t have to change until then.

But we were also told that several of the building trades got together before yesterday’s deadline to extend their contracts. That means some of the local trades won’t have to comply for another 3 or 5 years.

In the meantime, local workers say their only course of action is in the political arena.

“Remember in November’ is kinda the theme we are looking at. It hasn’t come out official (it’s kinda)our battle cry like ‘Remember the Alamo.’ We now have a date and we now have an issue, we can now galvanize our base,” Thacker said.

While union workers say this law will drive down wages for workers. Those in favor say they’ve already had calls from prospective businesses that want to move to Indiana.