Wonder if Soledad O’Brien will be inviting him on her show anytime soon. Via Jewish World Review:

Derrick Bell was for years a civil rights lawyer, but not an academic legal scholar of the sort who gets appointed as a full professor at one of the leading law schools. Yet he became a visiting professor at the Stanford law school and was a full professor at the Harvard law school.

It was transparently obvious in both cases that his appointment was because he was black, not because he had the qualifications that got other people appointed to these faculties. At Stanford, his students complained that his course on constitutional law was not up to the standards of the other courses they were taking.

Go read the rest of this excellent piece.

In related news, Ace of Spades held a live showing of the short movie, “Space Traders,” based on a Derrick Bell dystopian sci-fi story. Among the commenters were Adam Baldwin, Iowahawk, Film Ladd and Jim Treacher. You can go watch the movie and follow along with the comments, if you think the amusement value will outweigh the brain damage.

Check it!

Related from Sultan Knish:

Today we live in the age of consensus. The cultural elites no longer debate opposing points of view, they dismiss them as racist or ignorant, ridiculing not only the argument, but the arguer and the very premise that there can even be an argument.

The “marketplace of ideas” is replaced with “I’m offended that we’re even having this discussion” or “Only ignorant people believe that.” These alternating poses of victimhood and superiority make it illegal or pointless to even discuss the subject and leave every issue settled by consensus. Scientific debates end before they have begun. Political debates exist only to allow candidates to affirm the consensus or castigate them for standing outside the consensus. Personal exchanges of views either reflect the consensus or become perilous and illegal.