Or not. Moe Lane at Red State:

You know, I have a problem with the way that somebody ambushed Randi Rhodes and got her to make racist and prejudiced comments about the governors of Louisiana and South Carolina. It’s just… cruel to do that to an alcoholic on a bender; when you have somebody with an existing history of being found face down in the gutter with the recent contents of her stomach spread out around her in a semi-particulate spray, taking advantage of that by shoving a microphone in her face and asking her to spout off some good, old-fashioned racism is simply not very civi… wait, hold on. She talked this trash on the air?

“Bobby Jindal even converted from Hinduism — Nikki Haley, too — in order to be acceptable to the conservative South in Louisiana and uh — [about a five second pause] Georgia! I mean, that is crazy that in order to be acceptable to the party you have to, you know, pretend that you’ve given up your religion!”

While sober?

Well, then.

Read the whole thing. Here’s another tolerance eruption from Ms. Rhodes.