Last night, we rounded up the Twitter reax to Santorum’s double in the Deep South. Here’s the victory speech, from care of Common Cents:

More reax:!/soopermexican/status/179757276817653760!/arimelber/status/179758221844676609!/lucasshanks/status/179759412473380865!/breitbartfeed/status/179777571616067584!/catspecter/status/179756326266736640!/aegallo/status/179757754574053378

Future US Ambassador to Vanuatu Stacy McCain liveblogged the evening’s results.


Alex Burns of Politico has developed a bad case of Peter Jennings Syndrome, right down to accusing the voters of a “tantrum-like response” directed at Obama on gas prices. So far, he writes, the campaign “has been more like a game of Marco Polo, as a hapless gang of Republican candidates and a damaged, frantic incumbent try to connect with a historically fickle and frustrated electorate.”

The voters are a gaggle of Gumps: “And ‘fickle’ is a nice way of describing the voters of 2012, who appear to be wandering, confused and Forrest Gump-like through the experience of a presidential campaign. It isn’t just unclear which party’s vision they’d rather embrace; it’s entirely questionable whether the great mass of voters has even the most basic grasp of the details – or for that matter, the most elementary factual components – of the national political debate.”

When last we wrote about Burns — just three years and change out of Harvard, but with youthful arrogance in spades — he was “correcting” Newt Gingrich about Obama’s abortion advocacy in the state legislature. (It turned out it was Burns who mangled media coverage of Obama’s record.)

Oh, my. How long till Republicans are accused of a War on Politico (or WOP, for you Italians)? Our mama always used to say, “Voters are like a box of really crappy chocolates.”