Pew’s latest Obama vs. Republican candidate analysis:

With rising job approval and favorability ratings, Barack Obama also holds a growing advantage in voter preferences as they look toward November. Among registered voters, he currently leads Mitt Romney by 12 points and Rick Santorum by 18 points.

The difference between Romney and Santorum at the head of the GOP ticket mainly affects independents. While independent voters are divided in a race between Obama and Romney (47% vs. 43%), they would favor Obama by a 53% to 39% margin if Santorum is his opponent.

Good luck with that, fellas.!/owillis/status/179932885556539393!/brucepknight/status/179933238809214976!/tigerfists88/status/179923688928452610

But what does Oliver Willis know about sample s . . . oh, never mind.

In related news, Harry Reid doesn’t believe the CBS poll showing the vast majority of Americans don’t believe they’re better off than 4 years ago. The ingrates.!/jvindio2/status/179937291974885377