In France, there are raw milk vending machines. Organic Consumers Association:

France, on the other hand, has embraced the health benefits of raw milk. There, innovative dairy farmer Michel Cantaloube has created a raw milk vending machine (see photo below). The vending machine is a tastefully-designed kiosk that blends right into the urban setting, allowing it to be set up on a street corner on a French town or even a major metropolitan area.

Customers can purchase whatever quantity of raw milk they wish, and unlike in the United States, they don’t even have to go through the bizarre paperwork of owning a “cow share.”

Naturally this kiosk is tastefully designed. We are speaking of France, people.

We would much rather serve our  kids raw milk than have them served pink slime at a public school, but that’s just us. YMMV (for the newbies, “your mileage may vary,” i.e. your experience/opinion could be different).

Does this tie in at all with the FDA’s power grab? Why yes, we believe it does.

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