On Monday, reporter Greg Warmoth of WFTV asked President Barack Obama what he thought about the GOP claim popularized by Newt Gingrich that, if elected, the price of gas could be brought down to $2.50 a gallon.

‘Your opponents say they can get gas to the $2.50 range. What do you think Americans should be OK with?” Warmoth asked.

Mr. Obama responded:

“First of all, nobody believes that. They know that’s just politics. Anybody who says we can get gas down to two bucks a gallon just isn’t telling the truth.”

Go read the whole thing. Unremarked is the rhetorical weaseling so typical of Obama, which is to reframe the question as though he were addressing it. Gingrich proposes a strategy that he says would bring gas to around $2.50, but Obama in turn refers to $2.00 gas. That’s a significant difference, though we may not think of it so these days.