We tried to think of a different headline, but . . . that one’s perfect. We know that Buffy holds an iconic place in the childhood of my kids, so we thought maybe some of you might want to weigh in on this thoughtful post at Static Mass:

Whatever was happening in the storylines of the show we would always be able to relate it somehow to our own lives. Season 6 had a particular resonance for me, and although it’s a season that many fans said “dropped the ball”, there was a lot I could identify with from my life at that time.

After being brought back to life by her friends, Buffy has a tough time adjusting, not just to being alive again, but also coping with new responsibilities now that she has to take care of her little sister, Dawn, on her own.

While I didn’t die a mystical death and wasn’t resurrected from the dead by my friends, I was for the first time understanding my responsibilities as an adult which in many ways separated me from my former high school friends. Things were changing and like Buffy, there were times when I experienced moments of intense loneliness, self doubt and even an incredible urge to just give up entirely.