As you know, we here at Twitchy are showing our support for Rush Limbaugh’s First Amendment right to say even offensive things.


Gaylord Hart [email protected]

The assholes at twitchy support hate speech sponsored by Rush Limbaugh! Don’t do business with a–holes!


dr hogan [email protected]

Supporting Rush Limbaugh? No dollars/likes/subscriptions on my behalf.

David Hogan


I am a loyal and patriotic American and, as such, I am making the informed decision not to support companies that advertise on on Rush Limbaugh’s radio program. I feel that you have the right to know why you will be losing my business.

Rush Limbaugh is notoriously partisan and biased. It can often be considered offensive and prejudicial. Limbaugh’s hate speech and the disgusting things that come from his mouth are helping to further the political and economical divide amongst the citizens of the United States.

Until your company discontinues your relationship with Rush Limbaugh, I will not purchase your products or services. I also have plenty of friends and family that look to me and respect me for my opinions. You can count on me informing them of this decision and can expect to lose business from them as well.

Please consider severing your ties with Rush Limbaugh and spending your advertising budget in areas that will help build a better America. It is never acceptable for a company to support the intentional distribution of misinformation and bias, anger and hate-filled programming to the citizenry of the United States.


Ryan [last name and Twitter handle redacted]


DonorDoris [email protected]

I can’t believe that especially a woman would advertise on the Rush Limbaugh show.

You are an insult to all women.

Doris Potocki


Bob LeMar [email protected]

Joining up with Rush I see. Good luck. Money before decency, great corporate plan.


On the other hand:

[email protected]

Just to let you know I have added your new venture to my favorites. It is great to see someone who will come to Rush’s support and not be afraid of what the media will say. Rush should not have said what he said but with everything that comes from the Dems his apology should have been accepted and that should have been the end of it. Thanks!


Cecilia Marston [email protected]

IN THE DAYS AFTER the death of Andrew Breitbart, perhaps the question can be phrased this way: “What would Andrew do?” Well, first, he would suggest you go to one of his sites to learn the facts — and in this case a very interesting fact about Sandra Fluke’s view of free speech. Here’s the link at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government where you will find this opening in a story by Charles Johnson:

“As a student at Cornell and treasurer of a pro-choice organization at the school, Sandra Fluke, helped shut down a pro-life speech on Cornell’s campus by counter protesting. She argued that a pro-life organization at Cornell was about “manipulating [students’] emotions” with misleading statistics about abortion. But when it is her turn to speak on Capitol Hill, the third-year Georgetown Law Student demands she gets her say in a hearing that has nothing to do with birth control.”

We wonder how many of these people complaining have written to HBO or dropped their subscriptions. For all those who’ve remarked their support, thanks.