Clown nose on. The New York Post:

Sen. Chuck Schumer says President Obama’s super PAC doesn’t need to give back the $1 million it got from comedian Bill Maher — even if he’s made crude comments about women.

A PAC aligned with Sarah Palin — who Maher has called a “boob” and a “bimbo” — launched an ad calling on Democrats to cough up the money the funny man has given them.

That’s only fair, some Republicans argue, since conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh had to apologize for calling Sandra Fluke, a third-year Georgetown law student, a “slut” and a “prostitute” because she advocated for insurance companies to cover birth control.

“Should Democrats give the money back?” ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asked New York’s senior senator Sunday.

“Well, no,” Schumer said.

“I mean, look, the bottom line is that Rush Limbaugh’s comments were just nasty and directed at a particular young woman who had a particular point of view and was expressing herself. Bill Maher is a comedian. It’s much different. Rush Limbaugh has tremendous weight in the Republican Party. No one will rebut him. Bill Maher’s a comedian who’s on at 11 o’clock at night but has very little influence on what’s happening here,” he said.

Afterwards, Schumer spokesman Brian Fallon pointed out that his boss is not a fan of Maher’s word choices.

“Of course, the senator thinks those comments are inappropriate and wrong,” Fallon said.

He’s just an entertainer.

Maher has called conservative women a lot worse than that. Schumer knows it, and so does the Post. Civility.