From FanSided:

Talk about sad. While UCLA finished with a disappointing season, as a conference, things are even worse. The conference champions, having lost to the lowly Oregon State are most likely not going to make the Big Dance. Let that sink in for a moment. They were probably on the bubble before the tournament, but this loss will probably push them into the NIT instead.

When was the last time a Power 6 conference regular season champion didn’t make the big dance?

1986- (When Texas Tech won the league tournament instead of the regular conference champions) I’m starting to actually feel bad for the Huskies now. Even the refs are bad in this conference- we’re calling an average of 20 more fouls a game than the Big East.

The story of the Pac-12 this season can be summarized thusly- 6 mediocre teams (the top half), 5 bad teams, and one D2 team. (No prizes awarded for guessing the D2 team.)