The statistics also showed that joblessness among black people of both genders aged 16 to 24 – excluding students – had increased at almost twice the rate of young white people since the start of the recession.

From the last three months of 2008 to the last three months of 2011, the proportion of economically active black people in the age group who were out of work rose from 28.8% to 47.4%.

This was more than double the rate for young white people, which went up from 15% to 20.8%.

Among young black men, unemployment went up from 28.8% to 55.9%, according to the unpublished figures obtained by the Guardian.

The Office for National Statistics said the gender breakdown should be treated with caution due to a relatively small sample size, but there were calls for Government action from business and community figures.

It’s astonishing that Barack Obama would like to give us a welfare state economy like theirs, but the Progressive solution is always more hand-outs. Fortunately for them, that creates more victimization, which in turn creates more demand for handouts. And that in turn creates more dependency on government and Progressive politicians.

Da Techguy writes on the dangers of patronage at the Washington Post.

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