In the Defense Department’s annual report to Congress it is concluded that President Biden’s disastrous and deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan was a propaganda gift to China:

President Joe Biden’s fumbled withdrawal from Afghanistan was a propaganda gift to China, his Defense Department found Tuesday.

The DOD’s claim came as part of its annual report to Congress on national security developments relating to China, which it released Tuesday. The report suggests that China capitalized on the withdrawal to convince world leaders that the U.S. is not a reliable ally.

“The PRC employed multiple diplomatic tools in an attempt to erode U.S. and partner influence,” the report reads, including “highlighting the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.”

This morning, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby was spotted doing a bit of spin on what was said in the Defense Department’s report to Congress:

Considering what actually unfolded during the withdrawal, using the word “marvel” in a positive way to describe anybody’s reaction is amazing, but here we are:

Other countries probably did “marvel” at what the Biden administration did in Afghanistan, just not for the reason Kirby would like everybody to believe.

The speed at which inflation rose was also a “marvel.”

It’s also a marvel how quickly Biden and the Democrats managed to turn the economy into a total mess.

Being able to try and put a positive spin on this administration’s actions, especially the Afghanistan withdrawal, obviously requires selling one’s soul.

The only people who truly feel that Biden’s Afghan withdrawal was a rousing success are the Taliban.



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