John Nolte at Breitbart:

As Thursday rolled into Friday, CNN must have realized that O’Brien’s very public flameout had gone viral and that she is now a public laughing stock. This is the only explanation as to why this 1500 word monstrosity popped up on the cable net’s Web site yesterday. The writer is Tom Cohen and the obvious goal is to turn divisive racialist Derrick Bell into something closer to Dr. Martin Luther King.

The simple fact is that you can wrap as many words as you want around it, but nothing can ever turn Derrick  Bell into a noble crusader for racial equality — because he is just the opposite. My colleague Dan Riehl put it about as well as anyone could:

Bell didn’t only de-legitimize white critics based upon race, he de-legitimized his white liberals colleagues, as well, seeing them as incapable of being anything other than oppressors.

Well, that wasn’t very nice. RTWT.

Featured image is Joel Pollak and his frightening person of color bride.

Another inconsequential Breitbart story.