How a cancer researcher’s ‘dramatic breakthrough’ unraveled:

Questions about Dr. Potti’s research had been raised, but were cleared by a committee at Duke University. It wasn’t until a confidential source tipped off the editor of The Cancer Letter to take another look at Dr. Potti’s claim of being a Rhodes Scholar that the lies began unraveling.

Joseph Nevins, Dr. Potti’s mentor and coworker at Duke University for over four years confronted him about the accusation he may have lied on his resume. Potti admitted that he wasn’t really a Rhodes Scholar, rather it was a fellowship from Rhodes Scholars in Australia… Nevins decided to take another look at Dr. Potti’s original data, eventually concluding that it was “abundantly clear” Potti had purposefully manipulated the data.

Whenever the data disproved Potti’s theory, the data had simply been altered.

The claim that the novel procedure had an 80 percent chance of success was a complete lie, and patients in Potti’s trial died. Some of the surviving family members are now suing. Dr. Potti has stated that he “… was not aware that false or ‘improper’ information had been included in the research.” Duke University has also apologized for the trials, and has opened up about the case to serve as a warning example to other institutions.

But the greatest irony of all is brought up at the very end of the 60 Minutes’ segment. While patients did not receive any groundbreaking treatment, Duke University has stated that none of the patients in Dr. Potti’s failed trial were really harmed “because all of them received the standard of care in chemotherapy.”

And THAT, my friends, is the real “Biggest Medical Fraud” of all time.

No, I’m not going to supply any puns. Yes, the question is, why haven’t most of us heard about this?

Remember, though: Al Gore says scientists are incorruptible beings. As for the charges regarding the FDA, I don’t have the background information to pronounce on them.