Bob Owens:

At the time, the Wikipedia definition read as follows:

Although no set of canonical doctrines or methodologies defines CRT, the movement is loosely unified by two common areas of inquiry. First, CRT has analyzed the way in which white supremacy and racial power are reproduced over time, and in particular, the role that law plays in this process.

It has since changed. Leftists are at heart cowards, desperate to erase anything that threatens their community-based reality at any moment.

Stalin would be proud.

I quoted from the same entry yesterday, here. The quotation I reproduced seems still to be there.

*Notes for newbies: “to pwn” is computer slang for “to own” someone. That means you’ve demolished or dominated that person. The past tense is “pwn3d,” where the numeral stands in as a backwards “e”. It is pronounced, “to pone”. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia composed online by people who presumably have expertise regarding what they write about. It has standards of citation of sources and is moderated by groups of interested users. Sometimes the write-ups of topics become political and philosophical issues and agreements have to be hashed out, if possible. Individuals may have entries. Sometimes they try to control them tightly, and sometimes their entries are revised by people hostile to them. Despite Wikipedia’s efforts, many people regard it as unreliable. Even people who cite Wikipedia as unreliable when they disagree with the entries resort to Wikipedia to bolster their arguments when the entries agree with them.


What contested academic turf looks like:

Oh, the humanity! Oh, the carnage!