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A theft in Yelm, Wash. has robbed a man of a possession he relies on: his prosthetic running foot.

Zac Vawter’s wife, Jen, returned home on Wednesday afternoon after Bible study and noticed she couldn’t find her computer, according to police reports.

“Kind of donned on me someone had been in the house,” she said.

Then these people victimize her again, by saying she said “donned.” I bet she said ‘dawned’ . . . but I can’t prove it.

Stealing a guy’s foot. That’s just low.

Also low is this:!/ky_news/status/177765890828402689

From WKBO:

Kentucky State Police have arrested a man who they say tried to pose as a volunteer and steal food meant for storm victims.

Police say 54-year-old Daniel Leland was charged with second-degree robbery in connection with the incident.