None of this recounted at Big Lead Sports was predictable, and I doubt alcohol was a factor:

I’ve never bought into the fact that it’d be “cool” to visit a strip club with your girlfriend. Chris Cook, a cornerback on the Vikings, did just that at Sheik’s Palace Royale back in October. Later that night, this happened:

a prosecutor said Cook, 25, became enraged with jealousy after he found that his girlfriend of 10 months, Chantel Baker, was texting an old boyfriend.

“Are you talking to him? Why are you talking to him?” … repeating the phrase Cook is alleged to have repeated “in a voice loud enough to be heard by a neighbor over 100 feet away,” …

Hilleren described the battle that soon followed: “He walloped her so hard in the side of the head that he put her into a wall face-first, perforating her eardrum.”

Cook’s lawyer tells a different tale – Baker was drinking, and she was the aggressor.

NFL players get beat up all the time by their girlfriends. You’d think they would be smarter, since almost all of them went to college.