Champion of the middle class uses their money to subsidize purchase of very expensive vehicles:

The president called for increasing to $10,000 an existing $7,500 credit per vehicle for consumers and businesses that buy cars and trucks powered by electric battery, natural gas or hydrogen. He would also expand the technologies that qualify and allow buyers to benefit at the time of purchase, by transferring the credit to the dealer or financier.

The credit’s enhanced value would bring the purchase price of alternative-energy vehicles more in line with conventional models, supporters say. Partly because of the vehicles’ costs, sales have been a problem. General Motors announced last week that it was suspending production for five weeks of the Chevrolet Volt, a plug-in hybrid that Mr. Obama has promoted in the past. On Wednesday, he did not mention his goal of having one million electric vehicles on the nation’s roads in 2015.

Mr. Obama also proposed a new five-year tax break for those who buy commercial trucks that run on electricity or natural gas. Purchasers would get to reduce their tax liability by an amount equal to half the price difference between an alternative-power truck and a similar, lower-priced conventional vehicle.

See, it’s not enough that he gave them GM and his administration have tried to conceal what the automakers still owe to the taxpayers as they gave their members $7500 bonuses. If it stops moving, subsidize it. Tax breaks for the wealthy.


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