Earlier this month, school bus driver John Lunceford noticed one of his students was crying as he got on the bus.

Lunceford then spotted the boy’s hands and ears, bright red from standing out in the biting cold.

“I put my gloves on him and told him it’ll be OK, it’ll be OK,” said Lunceford, according to the Kennewick School District in Washington, which posted the story to Facebook.

After finishing his route and dropping the kids off at school, Lunceford headed straight to the dollar store, determined to help the little boy. There, he picked up ten hats and ten sets of gloves in both black and pink.

“I’m a grandfather, you know,” said Lunceford. “No one wants a kid to suffer like that.”

Lunceford headed back to the school with his gifts. With the administration’s help, he found the young boy in the library and gave him his own hat and gloves.

Lunceford then said he would help any other students in need this winter.

“He told all the students in the school’s library that if they were on his route and didn’t have hats or gloves, he’d take care of them,” the Facebook post read.

“There was a little girl who said ‘I don’t have a hat,’” said Lunceford. “And I said I’ll take care of you, sweetie.”

Lunceford, a U.S. Army veteran, has worked for the district for three years. His story warmed thousands of hearts; it was shared over 3,300 times on Facebook and received more than 15,000 likes.

Many have thanked Lunceford, calling him a hero and a role model.

“This world needs more heroes like this man. God bless you sir,” commented one user.

“Now this man is a true hero and is someone everyone can look up to. He is still giving to the people of this country when he has already given so much. Salute,” wrote another.

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