About 200 people walked out of Amy Schumer’s comedy show in Tampa on Sunday after she mocked Donald Trump, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Halfway through her show, Schumer decided to get political, discussing gun control, the election, and, of course, Trump, calling him an “orange, sexual-assaulting, fake-college-starting monster.” This isn’t much of a surprise—Schumer endorsed Hillary Clinton on Twitter back in March.

Still, a small portion of the audience who didn’t appreciate the election talk began booing. Schumer told them they could leave and also asked security to start escorting them out.

“It’s too important,” Schumer told the audience. “So we’re going to spend five minutes talking about it.”

Schumer even brought an audience member up on stage and started questioning him on why he was voting for Trump. “Do you get worried at all with how impulsive he is, that he gets so fired up from ‘Saturday Night Live’ doing a skit on him?”

And people definitely took offense.

Fans—well, probably former fans now—began criticizing Schumer on Twitter.

There’s definitely a way to incorporate current events into comedy, but Schumer wasn’t making jokes; she was pushing a clear political agenda, and heckling an audience member for his views because they didn’t match her own.

Maybe next time leave the political diatribe out, Amy.

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