Last night, Tim Kaine channeled his inner Trump.

During the first, and only, vice presidential debate, Kaine interrupted his opponent, Mike Pence, 72 times according to Vox. Clearly, Kaine forgot his mannersand what happened last week.

Even Kaine’s first response of the night was nothing more than an awkward, stiff, clearly over-rehearsed speech on how great Hillary Clinton is than an actual answer to a question.

It seemed like Kaine had no intention of debating Pence last night. All he cared about was casting aspersions on Trump and getting in his sound bites: “Trump has run a campaign that’s been about one insult after the next.” “He’s called women slobs, pigs, dogs, disgusting.” “He called Mexicans rapists and criminals.” “Trump believes in deportation nation. “Do you want a ‘you’re hired’ president in Hillary Clinton, or do you want a ‘you’re fired’ president in Donald Trump?” “Trump, again and again, has praised Vladimir Putin.

Despite Kaines best efforts, Pence didnt take the bait. He remained calm and composed, unlike Kaine who appeared irritated, flustered and rather uncomfortable the entire night.

Debating is definitely not Kaines strong suit.

But at least he proved hes good at something.