For those of you who frequent social media, you may have noticed Facebook was having a few issues this morning. And by issues, we mean the ENTIRE SITE WAS DOWN.

So, of course, Twitter had a field day…

And no, turning on and off your wifi didn’t fix it. Believe us – we tried.

But it was fine, guys. Totally fine.

No one panicked.

And people certainly didn’t start questioning their entire existence…’cause that would’ve been ridiculous.

Except for those of us who work in media, specifically social media.

The worst part: there was a full hour where we actually had to talk to people…in person.*Gasp.*

Just kidding. We all just sat there, staring at our computer screens, waiting for it to start back up again.

Yeah. That was definitely the safest option.

Eventually the social media gods answered our prayers.

And all was right again in the world.

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