Super Bowl champion Burgess Owens had high praise for Trump’s visit to Detroit, as well as the attention Trump has brought to the failures of Democratic policies in inner cities.

“It’s so refreshing to finally have someone talking about this after 8 years of a black president who didn’t,” he said.

“Black misery is at an all-time high, and it’s under Democratic policies.”

Burgess also had a message to the black community: vote according to principles instead of “groupthink.”

We need to, as a race, start looking at our principles and values first. If we’re capitalists, let’s stop voting for Democratic socialists. If we’re Christians, let’s stop voting for Democratic atheists. If we believe that all kids should have an education no matter how poor they are, we cannot vote for the Democratic party, including Barack Obama, who believes we should keep our kids segregated in these poor bad schools.

Definitely worth a listen.